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It took her an incredibly long time and a great many back-and-forths to finally decide on what she would wear for the Dusk Ball. On one hand, Phoebe wanted to wear everything, to drape silks and veils and whole swaths of fabrics across her body in fanciful, alluring ways, to decorate each appendage with glittering jewels and silver metals, all in an array of colors that would compliment the natural orange, pink, and purple of her body. It was all just so tempting--especially as much of it was being loaned out to allow everyone the opportunity to dress up and participate--and she wanted to impress each new face she would see there. But at the end of the day--or rather, just before the ball--she decided simple was best. Why cover up the natural beauty of her body, her star-dappled sunset coloration that in itself would draw eyes as surely as any ball gown would?

Her attire was minimal as she clipped along to the courtyard, her steps bouncing and an excited, overeager grin brightening her already bright features. A slim swath of silken fabric, deep purple like an extension of her mane, draped across her right shoulder and trailed just slightly behind her right foreleg, enough for an understated dramatic effect but not so long as to become tangled in her feet when dancing. A thin silver chain appeared to hold it in place around the base of her neck, while hidden clips beneath the fabric carried much of the weight, keeping it firmly in place to prevent it slipping down her side. A swirling-patterned metal cuff encircled the base of her tail, a large crescent moon embossed across the top, while similar metal cuffs attached to the outward edges of her ears. They were cumbersome and heavy, but they looked much too pretty for her to leave them behind. There was no jewelry, exactly, but a few clear, crystal jewels had been placed at the corners of her eyes, and a larger, more dazzling one, placed in the center of her star.

A small, excited squeak escaped her as she came upon the festivities, all the guests milling about either standing or lounging in casual discussion, drinks and food at the ready throughout, delightful music coasting along in the background, while dancers swayed somewhere beyond the crowd. The sight stopped Phoebe in her tracks as a thrill raced through her body, full of anticipation. She was actually attending a ball!

Taking in a breath, straightening her posture, trying to look every bit the dashing princess she hoped she presented to the world in that moment, Phoebe walked straight into the madness, her magenta eyes never settling on one person or decoration for too long. Eyes caught were greeted with polite, excitable nods, a few words of greeting for those few chatty enough to engage her, but there was a clear direction to the path she cut through the party-goers, a discernible determination in her eyes as they caught sight of the dancers just out of range. She felt her heart lift as she neared them, already scouting out possible openings or available partners, depending on the song. The first opportunity she got to join them, she would!


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The star shimmered as she moved through the small, but cozy room - one of the few that she seemed to have collected in various courts now. Her gaze was on the mirror, making sure that her hair was artfully pinned up and away from her face, small strands of glimmering jewels tossed into those otherwise curly locks. Hints of pink, purple, blue and silver flirting between the tresses from the different gemstones she'd adorned herself. Her tail was similarly pinned, but it was the shawl across her back end, weighed down with silver chains and those same hued jewels, keeping the sheer simple silver fabric in place, so it wafted around her hips delicately. Nothing else covered her appearance, beyond the normal accessories she wore - the piercings in her ears, the large, glowing rock around her neck, and the assembly of bracelets around her ankles. It was simple, thus it was perfect.

The star preferred to let her nebula shine, and what was more lovely than dressing yourself in the stardust of your very own inner star? That star dust too collected at the hem of the sheer silver shawl, just as much as it bled off her wings, her hair. She turned from the mirror to gently make her way out of her home, carrying herself from the land of Day (although she usually spent most of her days lately at Dawn - to be closer to Torielle), this particular shawl had been stored in the land of the sun. She was soon making her way by sky to where the party would take place. Landing among the other fliers who had traveled by air. She ignored the pauses, the looks that came from being a star, a celestial body turned horse, to enter the party with an easy and excited smile, looking around. The first sweep was to see if she could find the familiar dappled mare, ears twitching for the sounds of the bells adorning her head. Seeing nothing, her second dance along the individuals was purely to see who was in attendance (it wouldn't stop her from searching this ball constantly for Torielle however).

Veil made her way with ease, lithe limbs allowing her to move through the bodies with an ease, as her wings were held close to her body, the star eagerly looking around for friends, for familiar faces. She paused to see another individual searching among the crowd of dancers, and in a fond smile that the star held for these odd mortals, she turned towards the being who could almost pass for the dusk-lit sky herself. Pale, slightly glowing pink eyes, alit by galaxies of their own, briefly glanced over the uniquely colored mare before approaching with out hesitation, "Hello, it's a lovely gathering - is it not? I am the Veil Nebula, would you like to join me on the dance floor?" The friendly mare asked with a kind smile, "I noticed you watching it, and it's certainly easier to find an opening with two searching than one? And I have yet to see any of my fondest friends arrive, but would love the chance to dance." Even if it was a stranger to make friends with. The monk was just happy to be here, after all.

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So close! She had just about reached the dancers now, all of their joyful merrymaking in clear view, and Phoebe felt her heart twinge with envy. They all looked so lovely in their fanciful formal attire, each of them dressed up, decorated, putting their absolute best foot forward and offering a dazzling presentation that was only made even more mesmerizing by their movements on the dance floor. It was like something out of a story, something fantastical and grand, and she longed to be a part of it, to become swept up in that special kind of magic. Her bright eyes stared longingly at the crowd of dancers, all of them oblivious to her, all of them too caught up in their own enjoyment to take note of the hopeful young mare wishing so very much to join them.

Hello, it's a lovely gathering - is it not?

Her attention had been so fixated on the dancers already engaged that the sunset mare hadn't noticed a guest moving nearer, aiming to get her attention, until the woman spoke to her at close range. Phoebe's metal-cuffed ears flicked as she finally registered the mare's words, her head turning to look at the friendly stranger, and felt her eyes widen slightly. The lady--the Veil Nebula--was lovely, bearing such a unique and dynamic coloration that rivaled the skies on the clearest nights, accentuated by the little stones scattered throughout her mane that further drew out the color. The silver chains and sheer fabric did nothing to hide her natural beauty, and her eyes, bright and warm, pulled the little sunset mare in. Phoebe had always felt a little kinship with stars, with the moon, with the rising night creeping in at sunset--here was someone who wholly embraced the beauty of a midnight world.

And she was asking her to dance! An immediate smile, more akin to a grin, swept over her features, her eyes twinkling even at the thought of being able to finally join the merrymakers on the floor. "I'd be honored!" she answered excitedly, bobbing her head once in a movement of assent but also gratitude. At last, her wait was over! "I'm Phoebe, by the way," she added quickly as she side-stepped, just a little closer to the dance floor so as to bring the conversation there, "it's so nice to meet you. I absolutely love that little drape you have there. It's such a wonderful touch, it really lets everything else shine." And boy, did it. The look was simple but elegant, and Phoebe hoped her own matched it for understated beauty.

She turned her head, taking in the dancers again, and looked back to the Veil Nebula with a almost sheepish expression. "This is my first time attending a ball like this. The dances aren't too hard to pick up, right?" Not that it was going to stop her from trying. If she had to make up steps along the way, then so be it!


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