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Greetings I am Eighth Wonder (not actually but its seemed like a snazzy name)

I came to novus because I used to RP on forum sites like back in the hay day of them, my first site I ever discovered was called Tainted Paradise when I was around 14 years old. I got really in to them and then somewhere along the lines faded off, til I found this place not even a few weeks (months?) ago. Forgive me for I can’t tell time.

So anywho I live in Hawai’i and Colorado I usually go back and forth for various reasons but I was raised in Hawai’i. I have two dogs of my own. Boob is and American Eskimo dog who is my first son and he has been my cardiac alert service dog for over ten years now. Since he has been getting up there, I have a second dog named Velvet an American Labrador who is in training for mobility and medical alert work. I have high hopes for him though he is still very much a puppy. 

Most of my characters have pretty intense histories because I really love whole stories to go off of. My first character was Liseli who I have big plans for with any luck. I do my own artwork and have an interest in learning animation. Other than that I will be attending veterinary school hopefully very soon. I love working with all animals.

Thank you


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Welcome welcome, @EighthWonder! ♥

High five and right there with you on the "roleplaying since who knows when", lmao! I started in 2000 back on a site called Road to Assia. Took plenty of breaks in between then and now, though!

And at the risk of sounding childish.... I absolutely LOOOOOOVE that your dog is named Boob! I have a senior dachshund named Mango who's ~15y/o now, and an almost 7y/o Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Odin!

Definiitely looking forward to seeing more of your characters and learning about their intricate histories/stories, and so happy to have ya here with us!

the novus crew

the someday crew


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